One After Jesus

Cross Path

Ten years ago on the proverbial freeway to Damascus, Jesus apprehended me. I wasn’t blinded. I gained sight. I began to deconstruct, unshackle and leave behind my will for God’s life. I found a wardrobe into a Kingdom that had been there all along. I started learning how to simply follow Jesus.

I became painfully aware of church-goers convinced a forgiven past and a fortified perpetuity was the full promise. Many who know the gospel belief system hardly resemble the One we claim to follow.

A human catalyst (i.e., conspiratorial gadfly) was used by the Master to unveil His Kingdom among us. His humble spirit, insightful teaching and detoxing exhortations opened a door too narrow for my baggage. This Master’s senior apprentice dethroned my vocation of growing Christian franchises populated by consumers of church goods and services. I am learning “followship”  – a reckless abandonment of the outcomes into Jesus’ hands. This tutor left me undone yet far from finished:

      “Jesus, the actual teacher of his people, has disappeared from the mental horizons of our faith. In that capacity He is not a part of how we “do” our Christianity today. [We need to] face this fact of the absence of Jesus the teacher and to change it.”    Dallas Willard

A cross shaped gauntlet was thrown down prompting…

the following – local Jesus followers striving to live our lives as Jesus would if He were us.

The Carport Church – poor in spirit, homeless neighbors turned friends teaching me how the Kingdom of the Heavens is theirs.

Simply Follow Jesus – inviting others with me after Jesus.

Jesus College – leading students (apprentices) to Master Love by training makers of apprentices and multiplying trainers of apprentice makers.

What results these endeavors produce no longer matter as I am simply one after Jesus.

by Doug Webster

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Hello! I’m Doug Webster, a 45 year apprentice of an amazing Craftsman. In this blog I share what I’m learning about a good life from an unparalleled Teacher and His followers. If you’re like me, you want to live a good life, and ideally, become a good person. No doubt you’re intrigued by the “good” according to the One named Jesus. If you desire a good life, maybe enhancing your life, or candidly, trading in the life you lead, read along. My commitment is to publish a blog weekly to answer Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? of following Jesus today. Do you want to go to school with history’s best teacher? Enter your email below then grab the desk next to me. Class is in session. As my way to say thanks I’ll send you a free PDF of “Worry Free Living” course notes. Welcome to Jesus College, a good school. Jesus College exists to Lead Apprentices to Master Love by Equipping Trainers to Mentor Leaders to Disciple Apprentices of Jesus.

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