5 Resolutions of Jesus for a New Year

What will a “Happy” year look like for you? Finish this statement, “In this new year, I will…” Typically, New year resolutions have a 1 in 12 success rate.

How will this year be different? Consider the success of history’s greatest motivational speaker and life changing friend.

Five Resolutions of Jesus

Jesus resolved…

1.) …it was never about Him.

Jesus was not WIIFM driven. He obeyed with a whole heart – Thy Kingdom, not My Kingdom. His agenda was not His agenda.

2.) …to focus on the goal.

Smart Phone GPSJesus’ selfless purpose had a place. With Jerusalem as His destiny, He dialed His mental GPS, turned toward the holy city and resolutely pressed on, never lost along the way.

3.) …to not be sidetracked by critics.

Jesus did not let a conniving ruler derail Him. He vouched, “I am not stopping today or tomorrow and on the third day, I will reach my goal!” Come day three – Sunday – He delivered on His promise.

4.) …to persevere.

Resolutions only demand resolve when they get difficult. The agony of His purpose buckled Jesus. He yearned for another way. Willingly, He persevered courageously because it was never about His will, His way, His wants.

5.) …He was never alone.

When the skubala hit the palm fan, Jesus knew his friends would abandon discipleship.Jump Ship His unwavering resolve was fueled by truth – He was never alone. He knew first hand the words He taught, My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”

Your Resolution Will

How will this new year be different if you are mentored by One who fulfilled His resolution devoid of self-absorption, silent of detouring voices while full of focus, tenacity and collaboration?

Do you feel like you a floundering fish?

     Jesus offers significant purpose when you follow Him.

Do you struggle with delayed results?

     Jesus told his family when they, like us, were driven by their timing – His time was not their time. It is powerful to hear Jesus say, “For you, anytime will do.” Ouch! I often evaluate, “Is this His time or my time?”

Do you think you’re all alone?Brain Red

     Think again. Literally, think again.

         You’re not alone.

The wisdom of history’s most productive, purposeful and prolific mentor will make you S.M.A.R.T.

S – Selfless for God’s Kingdom

M – Motivated by one purpose

A – Avoiding distracting voices

R – Resolved to hang in not walk out

T – Together, never alone

ScaleAs you weigh this year’s resolutions, be it health, organize, live fuller, new hobby, save money, career, school, time or love God & your neighbor, find a life coach who was very good at accomplishing what He set out to do and become His Apprentice.

I highly recommend Jesus.

by Doug Webster

My Manifesto

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