My Manifesto

I get out of bed for 4 reasons:

   Living to Love,

      Loving to Live,

         Longing to Learn,

            Leaving a Legacy of Love.

I love a good love story. Yeah, I’m schmaltzy but real stories hook me. Like I experienced with my wife. Like I have with my kids. And, with seven grandkids, no sweeter words than “Papa!” I love being first loved though unlovable and through my Creator’s love, loving people.

I love to live. I love an awe-inspiring sunset, a belly laugh until breathless, a huge plate of pasta, an In-N-Out Burger, really fresh strawberries, a good work out burn, a heartfelt cry, candid conversations, an epiphany bestowed by wisdom, observing my kids parenting, a dog’s head on a master’s leg, peace knowing everything is OK even when it’s not OK, a Scrooge post-conversion moment with loved ones at Christmas, straddling a surf board in the Pacific, paying attention to the least of these, pronouncing a couple husband & wife, a guitar solo, tender worship of a gracious God, tears of a broken man discovering grace, and the sight of a tee shot with a slight draw. I love to live.

I hope to never stop learning how to live well while leaving some lasting value to those who once knew me.

I am a Southern CA native on a 35 year adventure with my wife procreating three amazing, adult kids leading to seven perfect grandkids. When not loving life with family, I engage people after the world’s greatest leader through the following, The Carport Church of homeless friends, Jesus College, and OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ Interfaith Advisory Council. I write, speak, teach, listen, shepherd. My 40+ year journey following Jesus includes pastor, non-profit entrepreneur, TV host, Little League coach, Cinderella’s Coachman and real estate businessman. I penned a few books including Dear Dad and Dear Mom (Thomas Nelson) from interviews of 2500 youth. Following Jesus afforded me the privilege to teach His love story in over half the U.S. states and five countries. Hours in the classroom and library earned me a few diplomas, but I have much more to learn about following Jesus into life that is really life. Join my schooling journey on Jesus College blog.

Coachman 7.30.17

by Doug Webster
Jesus College

Jesus College trains & resources leaders to mentor neighbors to love each other like the Master.

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