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Kanye West - Jesus is King

Kanye West just released a high flying, Billboard chart rocketing, new album called Jesus is King”. It begs a key question, Is Jesus King? It’s a Yes or No answer. Either He is or He isn’t. If He is, doesn’t that change everything? Martin Luther King, Jr. worshipped King Jesus. King James bowed to King Jesus and sponsored the best selling book about Jesus. Mega-celebrity, pop icon Kanye testifies that Jesus is King.

In an interview with Oxford grad, UK rapper Zuby talking about Kanye’s new “Jesus is King” album, TV host Tucker Carlson said, “It would be interesting to talk about whether or not Jesus is King. But no one wants to have those conversations so they dismiss Him, as you know, and many others.”

5 Talking Points to Engage the Conversation, “Is Jesus King?”

~ Jesus proclaimed a Kingdom.

The magnitude of Jesus’ manifesto and the meaning of His mission was the now available and fully accessible Kingdom at hand.

~ Jesus’ enemies accused Him of being a King.

Jesus was dragged like a war criminal before the highest court with charges of treason and chants of execution for attempting to overthrow the ruling powers.Crown & Thorns

~ Jesus was charged and convicted as a King.  

His alleged crime of sedition led to capital punishment on the most brutal, humiliating, public means of death ever designed by the state, namely the Cross. Above his tortured, dying body hung a sign that stated “King of the Jews”.

~ Jesus’ followers claim Him to be King.

His Kingdom realm transcends every national, ethnic and racial line, far wider, longer and deeper than any monarch in history. In a purely democratic fashion, He won and continues to win the popular vote of billions, not as President, Prime Minister, or even Benevolent Dictator, but reigning King.

~ Jesus declared he was King.

As the Governor held the power to issue a pardon, he asked Jesus, “Are you a King?” Knowing his answer would end or extend his life, Jesus distinguished His kingdom and extinguished His life.

While advancing His Kingdom on Earth for three short years, Jesus asked the most important question anyone will ever ponder: Who do you say that I am?

Cross & Thorns

Is Jesus King?   

If Jesus is not King, enjoy the pomp & circumstance of a platinum bound album.

If Jesus is King, will you swear true allegiance to His throne, according to the law of His realm, so help you God?

~ ~ ~

by Doug Webster

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5 Fears Followers of Jesus Can Overcome

Over twenty years ago after sharing a struggle with a friend, he asked a penetrating question,

“Doug, what are you afraid of?”

His question stirred me to think about what I was thinking about. It still does.

Fear controls too many of us. Fear jacks joy, loots love, pilfers peace. Fear fuels destructive anger. We get sick of fear because fear makes us sick.

Dog - mad

Irrational fears become phobias usually starting in childhood or adolescence and carrying into adulthood. Whether spiders or snakes, looking down or flying high, being alone or in a crowd, common phobias dog (another top phobia) nearly 20 million Americans, twice as many women as men.

What are you afraid of?

     What does it look like to live without fear?

Jesus was never afraid. If Jesus did not master fear, the King of Kings has chinks in His armor and little to offer citizens of His Kingdom.

5 Fears Jesus Never FearedWalking on Water

~ Reputation – Jesus did not fear what people thought about Him because He mastered humility. He was not in charge, He obeyed His Father. Criticism, judgments or opinions never phased Jesus.

~ Loneliness – Jesus did not fear being alone because He mastered solitude. His close relationship with the Father eliminated debilitating loneliness and demanding crowds.

~ Failure – Jesus did not fear failure because He mastered surrender. He knew the Father would accomplish His agenda.

~ Tomorrow – Jesus did not fear tomorrow because He mastered living in Shalom. Jesus spoke from a peace within to a world without.

~ Death – Jesus did not fear death because He mastered trust in His Father’s love. Even though He predicted His brutal death, He didn’t fear death, He faced and conquered death.

How does the fearless leader Jesus mentor followers from fear to faith?


Hear Jesus saying to you, “My friend, what are you afraid of?” In your conversational friendship with Jesus, His Father and Spirit plus you makes a party of four. Together you can peel the onion so each answer draws closer to the real reason behind your fear.

Is it my reputation? Am I lonely? Will I fail (likely connected to reputation)? What if I can’t control tomorrow’s outcomes? Will this kill me (highly unlikely with nearly all fears)? Is death the end of me?

The great Surgeon will identify, dissect and transplant bankrupt fear with faith in the treasure of His Father’s goodness. In these powerful moments He calls us to “repent”, i.e., think about what we think about. Our practice of timely solitude and thoughtful silence with Jesus is the best prescription for excising fear.

Lion CubsSalt your self talk with plenty of grace and space. Confronting fear is a courageous safari across an emotional Serengeti. Consider inviting on your expedition someone who knows and loves Jesus and you. Maybe you’ll be the friend to walk alongside another friend.



On the verge of Peter’s worst failure, Jesus spoke to Peter the same life giving statement He offers us today:

“I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen others.”

by Doug Webster

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5 Things Jesus Did Most Never Knew

Most people know of Jesus. Few know Jesus. Fewer know Him well enough to know what He did that most overlook. Reflecting upon the unknown Jesus helps us know Him better. Who we are when no one is watching is more who we are than the who we are we want people to see.

Plane in a carpentry workshop

5 Things Jesus did Most People Never Knew

~ Jesus Paid Taxes – He rendered accounts payable to Caesar and hooked the big fish to cover His taxes.

~ Jesus Cooked Breakfast – Post resurrection, what did the risen Savior do? Jesus served his best friends breakfast after a hard day’s night.

~ Jesus Obeyed His Parents – After His first and only runaway, Jesus went home and obeyed His father and mother. Arguably, it went well with Him.

~ Jesus Got Waylaid – Imagine being Jesus’ publicist. He wasn’t always on time, but He was never late. His pace was perpetually pained by people’s problems.

~ Jesus Did Nothing – Following a celebrated Baby Dedication then a few years in the EWPP – Egyptian Witness Protection Program, Jesus was a kid in Nazareth, handyman for Joseph & Sons, then likely a small business owner.

Jesus led an unimpressive existence for three decades.

Carpenter's Apprentice

For most of His life, Jesus was the guy next door who loved God and loved His neighbors. He was so common, when He became divinely uncommon, His neighbors said, “Isn’t that Joseph & Mary’s kid? Didn’t he make a well fitting yoke for our ox?”

What if following Jesus is as much what He did for His first 30 years as His last 3 years? True, the last 3 afford and activate us to become like Him, but were not His first 30 our more likely resemblance?

What might it look like for you in the next 7 days…or 30 years…to simply love God and love your neighbor? If on Tuesday you preach to 5000 people before you cater their lunch, praise God! But, we don’t have to be miraculous to be like Jesus.

Being an apprentice of Jesus means trusting His Father’s Kingdom for today and not worrying about tomorrow, even if today means paying bills, cooking, following an order, engaging interruptions or being okay going unnoticed.

Jesus gives dignity to daily life.

How a Jesus Apprenticeship Works

Apprentices spend time with the Master Jesus. We think about Him. By His Spirit, we start thinking more like Jesus. We develop ears to hear and eyes to see like Him. In turn, we turn, we act more like Jesus. We might walk on water. Or, we might simply serve a cup of cold water to a thirsty person.

Your Practice Plan

Which of the 5 ordinary Jesus acts will you practice today with a grateful heart and abandoned outcomes knowing you are like Jesus for 90% of His life?

by Doug Webster

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5 Ways to Prove You Follow Money More Than Jesus


Money ExchangeMoney talks.

What does currency say to you?

Consider listening closely in light of Jesus’ statement,

“God & Money can not fit on the same throne.”

5 Talking Points to Prove who leads – Profit or Prophet.

1.) Financial Furnace – How angry do you get when you are overcharged or lose money? Anger is a torch illuminating a path to our kingdom’s throne.

Homeless man

2.) Pitiful Poor – The last time you saw a homeless man, did you talk with Jesus about him? Do we extend the kindness of Christ, if only a warm, “Hello! How are you today?” Now, picture a wealthy friend arriving in an expensive car to buy you a nice meal. Money affords preference.

3.) Their Success – Think of someone who makes more or inherited more money than you. Does it bother you, honestly? The ease to rejoice or impulse to envy the wealth of others speaks about what’s inside us.

4.) Break Down – Did your last car problem start the engine of habitual seeking Jesus for guidance or did it backfire financial worry? Was it an unsolicited invitation to walk with Him or did “the other shoe drop”?

5.) Gilded Generosity – “Am I generous?” can lead to rationalizations. Don’t ask, do the math. What percent of your income did you give away last year? A typical 2-4% is nice, not generous. This last talking point has a ledger full of rebuttals, “But…but…but…”

Money can be a direct path to our worship center. We choose treasures all day long. But spending money, like following Jesus, is rarely totally bankrupt or filthy rich. Simply following Jesus as His apprentice is an integration of His way of life, sometimes well, other times poorly, often in the same day. Obedience to Jesus is the vehicle of knowledge. Knowledge is the discovery of truth. Truth is the revelation of reality. Reality is the foundation for trust. You can trust what is real. Trust is the vehicle on the King’s highway between Jesus and money.

Four Investments to Profit from Following the Prophet  Jesus

~ “Measure Treasure” Do I love God and my neighbor? Sure. Is my spent money a corroborating witness? Use emotional, experiential terms, not “housing” or “transportation” to prompt heartfelt answers.

“How much of my spending is on my comfort, my image, my appearance?”

~ “Mammon Mindset” More math. Count how often in the next 48 hours money comes to mind. Then, think why you think what you think about money.

~ “Gratuitous Generosity”  Risk increasing your giving 1% monthly for 10 months. Generosity throws a coup on cash as king. In practicing this, you learn God’s got you covered.

~ “Internal Audit” Drill deeper praying, “Jesus, why does money uncap anger, contempt, envy, worry, stinginess in me? Help me learn to trust and manage money in your Kingdom truth, “Don’t’ worry. Seek first the Kingdom of God and He’ll take care of you.”

Kingdom of God graphic

Money talks. Jesus whispers. What we hear maps our buried treasure.

by Doug Webster

My Manifesto

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5 Resolutions of Jesus for a New Year

What will a “Happy” year look like for you? Finish this statement, “In this new year, I will…” Typically, New year resolutions have a 1 in 12 success rate.

How will this year be different? Consider the success of history’s greatest motivational speaker and life changing friend.

Five Resolutions of Jesus

Jesus resolved…

1.) …it was never about Him.

Jesus was not WIIFM driven. He obeyed with a whole heart – Thy Kingdom, not My Kingdom. His agenda was not His agenda.

2.) …to focus on the goal.

Smart Phone GPSJesus’ selfless purpose had a place. With Jerusalem as His destiny, He dialed His mental GPS, turned toward the holy city and resolutely pressed on, never lost along the way.

3.) …to not be sidetracked by critics.

Jesus did not let a conniving ruler derail Him. He vouched, “I am not stopping today or tomorrow and on the third day, I will reach my goal!” Come day three – Sunday – He delivered on His promise.

4.) …to persevere.

Resolutions only demand resolve when they get difficult. The agony of His purpose buckled Jesus. He yearned for another way. Willingly, He persevered courageously because it was never about His will, His way, His wants.

5.) …He was never alone.

When the skubala hit the palm fan, Jesus knew his friends would abandon discipleship.Jump Ship His unwavering resolve was fueled by truth – He was never alone. He knew first hand the words He taught, My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”

Your Resolution Will

How will this new year be different if you are mentored by One who fulfilled His resolution devoid of self-absorption, silent of detouring voices while full of focus, tenacity and collaboration?

Do you feel like you a floundering fish?

     Jesus offers significant purpose when you follow Him.

Do you struggle with delayed results?

     Jesus told his family when they, like us, were driven by their timing – His time was not their time. It is powerful to hear Jesus say, “For you, anytime will do.” Ouch! I often evaluate, “Is this His time or my time?”

Do you think you’re all alone?Brain Red

     Think again. Literally, think again.

         You’re not alone.

The wisdom of history’s most productive, purposeful and prolific mentor will make you S.M.A.R.T.

S – Selfless for God’s Kingdom

M – Motivated by one purpose

A – Avoiding distracting voices

R – Resolved to hang in not walk out

T – Together, never alone

ScaleAs you weigh this year’s resolutions, be it health, organize, live fuller, new hobby, save money, career, school, time or love God & your neighbor, find a life coach who was very good at accomplishing what He set out to do and become His Apprentice.

I highly recommend Jesus.

by Doug Webster

My Manifesto

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5 Types of Hydropower Jesus Pours Out on His Followers

Water is life.

Newborn babies are 78% water. Water makes up nearly 3/4 of the human brain and heart. Carbohydrates and protein are carried through the body by water. We can understand why health experts suggest 8 glasses of water daily.

2000 years ago on a planet made up of 70% water, history’s wisest teacher offered of a spring of water welling up to a life that never ends.  A thirsty, desperate woman pleaded, “Give me this water that I may never thirst again.”

Consider 5 types of hydropower Jesus pours out on His followers.

Water into Wine1) Lord of Water 

As the Creator of water and land, Jesus mastered matter to walk on water and turn it into the finest wine.

2) Life Water 

We are born of water in the womb. Jesus brings about a new birth from above that is both of Spirit and water.

3) Liberating Water

The water that poured from the speared side of Jesus purchases the water of baptism opening Heaven.

4) Living Water

Life is sustained not only by H2O for which we will thirst again, but by the living water rendering thirst obsolete.

5) Loving Water

Jesus used a bowl of water to exemplify servanthood and a cup of cold water to express love.

Jesus offers divine refreshment to those who follow Him. Now available is a life freed from unsatisfied desire. The key question is, “How can I find this water?”

LEAP – On two occasions Peter jumped in the water to be with Jesus – once by fear, then by faith. You and I will never encounter the Living Water from a self-deified dry distance.

Walking on Water

DRINK A lame man at the feet of Jesus complained of his untimely immobility to enter the stirring water. He discovered the water did not heal, the One who made water did. The man walked away. Drinking the river of life through continual encounter with the Living Water restores the heart, mind, body & soul.

Water Pour

A PRESCRIPTION – Drink 8 glasses of water today. Your body will thank you. With each glass, recreate Ezra at Jerusalem’s Water Gate reading the Word of God to the Israelites as you focus on the hydropower of Jesus. Imagine your health, spiritual & physical, if you did this for one week let alone a new formed habit.

“Let me have a swig” my Dad use to say. Today we call that a “Big Gulp”. Thirsty people drink deep. If you want to guzzle godly hydropower, you can’t sip Jesus. He does not teach, “Blessed are those who nibble and sip for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Your level of thirst channels the floodgates of Living Water.

Swig Jesus.

by Doug Webster

My Manifesto

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5 Types of Peace on Earth Jesus Gives His Followers

In C.S. Lewis’ Magician’s Nephew, Polly asks Aslan to help Uncle Andrew.Aslan

    “Could you say something to…to unfrighten him?”

How do we “unfrighten” those we love…or ourselves?

Enter the Professor of peace who not only professed peace, he possessed it. His peace syllabus was not fortune, fame, position or power, none of which he had. Before He was born, an angelic choir declared his God glorifying arrival with, “Peace on Earth”. He purveys an impenetrable peace rendering circumstances inconsequential. The Teacher states, I give my peace to you; not as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t be afraid.”


Here are five A+ peace courses available to students of Jesus.

~ Peace with God – When we put our confidence in Jesus dethroning our self-will opposing His plan, we gain unshakable peace with God.

~ Peace of Mind – Who reigns over your kingdom/queendom? If the ruling force you trust causes dread and anxiety, a peace-full mind governed by the Spirit of Jesus is fully available.

~ Peace with Self – An internal civil war cease-fire will grace you with joy and peace from which hope overflows.

~ Peace with Others – The hopeful overflow of God’s peace changes the quality of our relationships. We can learn to live at peace with others as far as it depends on us.

~ Peace to the World – Jesus moves followers from knowing peace inside to being forces for peace in the outside chaotic world.

Which one(s) do you long for today?


How can I practice peace?

…with GodConfess through prayer and journaling to identify what keeps God away.Hand of God to Man

…of Mind – Memorize and think Romans 8:6 every time fear controls your cerebrum.

…with Yourself Joy robbers run rampant in our mental dark alleys. When you become your worst enemy, hear Jesus, “I give you the gift of my peace” to disarm self destruction.

…with Others – How will you make every effort to “pray then say in the next day” for peace sake to someone you’re battling?

…Making Jesus’ siblings work peacefully on purpose. What Jesus like peace-able moment will you seek & find today at school, work, in social media, at large?

Picture peace like…

  An anger-free home. Engaging a homeless person with love not fear. Being kind not rude when stuck in line. Work with less conflict, more cooperation. Peace officers and citizens with mutual respect.Homeless man

The Prince of Peace makes Peacemakers.


As the story goes, as Aslan breathed on Polly’s Uncle to unfrighten him,

“Uncle Andrew immediately rolled over with closed eyes and began breathing peacefully.”

May you sleep in heavenly peace tonight and tomorrow, may you & Jesus bring peace on Earth as it is in the highest Heaven.

by Doug Webster

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5 Mind Blowing (Sur)Realities* in Followers of Jesus

“Lucy” the movie features a young woman forced to be a drug smuggling mule. The synthetic drug in her stomach leaks into her system expanding her brain to 100% capacity.Lucy Movie

The movie posits the debunked belief humans use 10% brain capacity until Lucy encounters the make believe drug CPH4 – a synthetic version of what pregnant women produce to grow the baby in utero.

The movie’s hook:

“The average person uses only 10% of their brain capacity.

Imagine what she could do with 100%.”

Sadly, Lucy took a violent, vigilante path to the apotheosis of humanism – a deified person who controls time and others. She ends omnipresently texting “I Am Everywhere” leaving behind a thumb drive of total knowledge.

Has anyone ever used 100% of their brain or is this Hollywood fantasy?Mind Blown

Consider One. Did Jesus use His whole brain as the apotheosis of humanity?

If the brain of Jesus operated at 100%, what happens to those filled with His Spirit? Might your brain unleash its God given potential as you become more like the 100% human you follow?

Here are five mind blowing (sur)realities* available to followers of Jesus:

Unfathomable Riches

There is no bottom, no end, no ceiling to God’s manifold wisdom that will flood into the Heavens through followers of Jesus.

Every Blessing

Every one of God’s gifts in the Heavenly bank is redeemable to followers of Jesus.

Complete Understanding

The treasure to understand all wisdom is unlocked in Jesus replacing “I don’t understand” with “I get it!”

4 Into Fullness

100% of God enfleshed in Jesus is fully available to bring His followers into fullness.

5 Richly Perfect

The Spirit of Jesus fills the brain of His followers with the wisdom to present each one perfect in Christ.


Mind blowing!

Brain Lights

The mind of Jesus was and is complete. His human brain functioned fully. He is not only the source of creation – the alpha, He is the fulfillment of creation – the omega. As a fully capacitated human, He did not choose vengeance. Jesus chose to serve, to teach, to heal, to love, to sacrifice, to die, to rise revealing the most beautiful, most wise, most normal, 100% human to ever live.

Imagine your brain operating like it was designed. Surrendering to the love of God in Jesus unleashes His mental power to reign over our desires, our bodies, our will. We have the mind of Christ. As apprentices learn to think like the Master Jesus, priceless wisdom fills Heaven and Earth.

Brain Red

What is projecting across your mental big screen? Which one of the five (sur)realities* most blows your mind prompting, “Wow!”? What if you focused a % of your thoughts on this one truth for the next 24 hours?

Imagine what you could do with 100%.

by Doug Webster

* Being a Webster, I created the word “Surrealities” fitting for the surreal (“unearthly, unreal, dreamlike”), hard to believe realities available to followers of Jesus.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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5 Ways Jesus Makes it Hard to Follow Him

A friend told me his police academy instructor said, “My job is to get you to quit.” The law enforcement pedagogy – difficulty uncovers commitment, capacity & character, or lack thereof. 

Following Jesus is not all happy-clappy, angelic hovering. I am learning as His follower, I can NOT

• Stay where I am. Jesus said, “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be.”  A disciple asks Jesus, “Where you going?” and, like Andrew, follows.

• Hold what I treasure. Jesus said to a rich perfectionist, “Sell your possessions, give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then, follow me.” Sell, give and follow was too hard for this man but not for wealthy Joseph.

• Want what I want – Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me.” Deny, take up and follow looks like Matthew.

Luke 9.23 Picture

• Bury dead family ways – Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Releasing traditions inhibiting devotion was evident when brothers James and John left the family business to follow Jesus.

• Love Others over God – Jesus said, “Whoever comes to me and does not hate father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, even life itself, cannot be my disciple.”  No wonder for a while his family called Him crazy after Jesus left to be about His Father’s business.

His disciples complained, “This teaching is hard!” Jesus said, “Does this offend you?”  Many stopped following. Jesus then asked his twelve, “You too?”

When we respond like Peter, “Lord, who else? Your words are eternal life. You are the Holy One of God”,  Jesus’ words become Spirit and Life to us.

Jesus calls Kingdom candidates to commit with full capacity to be faithful above all else.

imgres-1CAUTION: To those who want to enroll in the school of Jesus, the wise Professor uncovers 5 reasons His students drop out:

Familiarity ~ Wealth ~ Ego ~ Tradition ~ People

Are you willing to pray, “Spirit of Jesus, show me what’s really behind my ‘I’ll follow you anywhere!’?

Pick from Jesus’ list your #1 hurdle then rise humbly with Him in action this week.

Familiarity – Speak, give or walk outside your “ordinary” ways as Jesus would if He walked in your shoes.

Wealth – Bless a poor person with a ridiculously generous gift.Homeless man

Ego – Meet with two trusted confidants to confess where you often make it about you.

Tradition – Trade a religious, family or cultural tradition for a totally different way to worship or serve God.

People – Replace an easy, regular habit with a sacrificial act of obedience seeking God’s glory not trying to appease your spouse, parents, kids, boss.

Many claim the badge of Jesus. Few stay through His hard training. Honestly, do we want Jesus to forge His character in us as much as we think we do? Right now, are you ready to quit false starts and half-hearted faith and really follow Him?

by Doug Webster

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Are You Living a Good Life? (Why Jesus College blog!)

A long time ago, in a land not far away (I live about 20 miles from my first home), I was a 14 year old experimenting with ways to ruin my life, partly because I could and partly because my broken family life left me wanting. My risky business could have ended poorly. Thankfully, I met some people who had a mentor teaching them how to live a good life. I was intrigued. Three years later I went from student to novice teacher. 40 years later I’m still helping others learn how to live a good life.

Starbucks CupWhat is a good life?

Imagine if I ran into you at Starbucks and asked, “How are you today?” and you answered “Good”. Typical. What if I responded, “Why?” Yikes, atypical. Make that a double espresso!

Before your first sip of liquid addiction, I engaged your ontology, your definition of being, your reason to get out of bed. If you hastily concluded, “That’s an easy answer”, I invite you to think about what you think about. Many humans stagger out of bed, consume their coffee and go do what they do believing they have thought long and hard about why they do it. Most have not. And when the day is over, how many people say, “Today was a good day!”? Fewer conclude, “What a great day!” Your checklist for “good” or “great” reveals what matters most to you. It’s the fuel driving you to be good at pursuing the “good life”. What is it? Money? Power? Fame? # of Likes? Sex? Controlling all of the above? Why do bezillions of us lay our head down at night discouraged, depressed, sad, frustrated for not having a good day or worse, resenting others who are living the life we want?

Are you living a good life? If you answer yes, please share with the class. If you answer “Mostly, but I hope to live a better life. I long to deepen the quality and increase the frequency of good in my life”, join me as a fellow traveler on a “good” adventure through the blogging wardrobe.

Professor JC

I’m guessing by the blog name – Jesus College – you know who the professor is in front of the class. Historians, educators, leaders of thought and everyday folks agree overwhelmingly the teacher I met over 40 years ago is history’s most famous, most followed and most influential voice.

The Jesus College blog is my pursuit alongside billions today and billions before us who think a good life was best lived and taught by Jesus 2000 years ago. He remains today as the preferred life guide. For many, He is much more. If a better plan came along, Jesus would be the first one to recommend it. Otherwise, could you trust Him to know what is really good?

Footprints in the Sand 2

Three Commitments…

FIRST, I won’t be religious. I am not trying to convert you to religion. I’m inviting you to discover with me what a good life looks like from the One who has the goods on “good”.

SECOND, I will be practical. I’m not religious but I try to practice what I’m learning religiously. Folks who are good at what they do practiced what they learned for at least 10,000 hours. I read recently “practice makes habit”. Teaching what you’re learning expedites the process. You can’t wing “good”. Good athletes aren’t good because they make good shots. They trained to be good.

THIRD, If you commit to this course, something miraculous might happen. I’ve witnessed thousands of apprentices of Jesus become good people. I’m guessing if you are like me, you not only want to live a good life, you want to be a good person. Students who go to school in the way of Jesus more readily, easily and naturally live a good life because they are becoming good people.

In short, they are good students of Jesus College with a Professor who not only knows good but is good.

New Semester Start

Are you ready to enroll in Jesus College with me? It’s a good school.

Start by subscribing to my blog. (To say thanks, I’ll send you a free PDF of “Living Worry Free” Jesus College course notes.) You can “attend class” via the weekly blog per your schedule in your preferred attire. Along the way I will introduce you to fellow Jesus College Adjunct Professors who have a good grasp on a good life.

Now it’s your turn. Have a “good” day!


Jesus College Logo Final JPEG

by Doug Webster
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