Simply Jesus

Two words launched the public ministry of Jesus (Matthew 4:19). The same two words completed His ministry: “Follow Me.” (John 21:19)

Imagine a group of people walking with Jesus, experiencing His love, joy, peace & power; learning how to see the world as His Father sees the world; learning how to love,  speak, act, heal, and teach like Jesus. Imagine a gathering where Jesus is the most popular person in the group and people truly want to be like Him.

Imagine a community of friends where shame is absent, grace is present, vulnerability is a strength, love is genuine, people are real, messes are expected, forgiveness is in practice and anger no longer rules the day. Imagine the difference in your relationships. Imagine a freedom from guilt, a hope for the future and a purpose for today. 

Envision neighbors turned friends following Jesus who have this imagination. We believe there is more to life in Christ as His “church”, His body than removing the guilt of the sins of our past and securing the future in Heaven while doing the best we can to survive hell on earth trying to be “good Christians”. We think living in the Kingdom changes the very depth of our character from our soul through our mind to focus our heart and guide our emotions, body & relationships. We are confident the Rivers of Living Water, the Bread of Life, the Gate, Life to the Full, and Joy Complete are not metaphors but can be actual experiences. We believe during suffering we can find strength because we don’t walk alone. We know life’s challenges take us through a valley shadowed by death where we can develop perseverance, character & hope if we follow Jesus.

We want to be more than a church building or a church program where we come, listen, learn and leave. We want to move from being church goers to followers of Jesus. We are the sanctuary. Together we are the church. We don’t invite people to church. We invite people with us to be this kind of followers of Jesus.

“At the heart of all great movements is a recovery of a simple Christology.”

Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways

Imagine a group of people you love, trust and respect who are focused on one aim…

To simply follow Jesus and engage others to join us in the journey.