5 Mind Blowing (Sur)Realities* in Followers of Jesus

“Lucy” the movie features a young woman forced to be a drug smuggling mule. The synthetic drug in her stomach leaks into her system expanding her brain to 100% capacity.Lucy Movie

The movie posits the debunked belief humans use 10% brain capacity until Lucy encounters the make believe drug CPH4 – a synthetic version of what pregnant women produce to grow the baby in utero.

The movie’s hook:

“The average person uses only 10% of their brain capacity.

Imagine what she could do with 100%.”

Sadly, Lucy took a violent, vigilante path to the apotheosis of humanism – a deified person who controls time and others. She ends omnipresently texting “I Am Everywhere” leaving behind a thumb drive of total knowledge.

Has anyone ever used 100% of their brain or is this Hollywood fantasy?Mind Blown

Consider One. Did Jesus use His whole brain as the apotheosis of humanity?

If the brain of Jesus operated at 100%, what happens to those filled with His Spirit? Might your brain unleash its God given potential as you become more like the 100% human you follow?

Here are five mind blowing (sur)realities* available to followers of Jesus:

Unfathomable Riches

There is no bottom, no end, no ceiling to God’s manifold wisdom that will flood into the Heavens through followers of Jesus.

Every Blessing

Every one of God’s gifts in the Heavenly bank is redeemable to followers of Jesus.

Complete Understanding

The treasure to understand all wisdom is unlocked in Jesus replacing “I don’t understand” with “I get it!”

4 Into Fullness

100% of God enfleshed in Jesus is fully available to bring His followers into fullness.

5 Richly Perfect

The Spirit of Jesus fills the brain of His followers with the wisdom to present each one perfect in Christ.


Mind blowing!

Brain Lights

The mind of Jesus was and is complete. His human brain functioned fully. He is not only the source of creation – the alpha, He is the fulfillment of creation – the omega. As a fully capacitated human, He did not choose vengeance. Jesus chose to serve, to teach, to heal, to love, to sacrifice, to die, to rise revealing the most beautiful, most wise, most normal, 100% human to ever live.

Imagine your brain operating like it was designed. Surrendering to the love of God in Jesus unleashes His mental power to reign over our desires, our bodies, our will. We have the mind of Christ. As apprentices learn to think like the Master Jesus, priceless wisdom fills Heaven and Earth.

Brain Red

What is projecting across your mental big screen? Which one of the five (sur)realities* most blows your mind prompting, “Wow!”? What if you focused a % of your thoughts on this one truth for the next 24 hours?

Imagine what you could do with 100%.

by Doug Webster

* Being a Webster, I created the word “Surrealities” fitting for the surreal (“unearthly, unreal, dreamlike”), hard to believe realities available to followers of Jesus.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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