5 Types of Peace on Earth Jesus Gives His Followers

In C.S. Lewis’ Magician’s Nephew, Polly asks Aslan to help Uncle Andrew.Aslan

    “Could you say something to…to unfrighten him?”

How do we “unfrighten” those we love…or ourselves?

Enter the Professor of peace who not only professed peace, he possessed it. His peace syllabus was not fortune, fame, position or power, none of which he had. Before He was born, an angelic choir declared his God glorifying arrival with, “Peace on Earth”. He purveys an impenetrable peace rendering circumstances inconsequential. The Teacher states, I give my peace to you; not as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t be afraid.”


Here are five A+ peace courses available to students of Jesus.

~ Peace with God – When we put our confidence in Jesus dethroning our self-will opposing His plan, we gain unshakable peace with God.

~ Peace of Mind – Who reigns over your kingdom/queendom? If the ruling force you trust causes dread and anxiety, a peace-full mind governed by the Spirit of Jesus is fully available.

~ Peace with Self – An internal civil war cease-fire will grace you with joy and peace from which hope overflows.

~ Peace with Others – The hopeful overflow of God’s peace changes the quality of our relationships. We can learn to live at peace with others as far as it depends on us.

~ Peace to the World – Jesus moves followers from knowing peace inside to being forces for peace in the outside chaotic world.

Which one(s) do you long for today?


How can I practice peace?

…with GodConfess through prayer and journaling to identify what keeps God away.Hand of God to Man

…of Mind – Memorize and think Romans 8:6 every time fear controls your cerebrum.

…with Yourself Joy robbers run rampant in our mental dark alleys. When you become your worst enemy, hear Jesus, “I give you the gift of my peace” to disarm self destruction.

…with Others – How will you make every effort to “pray then say in the next day” for peace sake to someone you’re battling?

…Making Jesus’ siblings work peacefully on purpose. What Jesus like peace-able moment will you seek & find today at school, work, in social media, at large?

Picture peace like…

  An anger-free home. Engaging a homeless person with love not fear. Being kind not rude when stuck in line. Work with less conflict, more cooperation. Peace officers and citizens with mutual respect.Homeless man

The Prince of Peace makes Peacemakers.


As the story goes, as Aslan breathed on Polly’s Uncle to unfrighten him,

“Uncle Andrew immediately rolled over with closed eyes and began breathing peacefully.”

May you sleep in heavenly peace tonight and tomorrow, may you & Jesus bring peace on Earth as it is in the highest Heaven.

by Doug Webster

Jesus College

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