5 Types of Hydropower Jesus Pours Out on His Followers

Water is life.

Newborn babies are 78% water. Water makes up nearly 3/4 of the human brain and heart. Carbohydrates and protein are carried through the body by water. We can understand why health experts suggest 8 glasses of water daily.

2000 years ago on a planet made up of 70% water, history’s wisest teacher offered of a spring of water welling up to a life that never ends.  A thirsty, desperate woman pleaded, “Give me this water that I may never thirst again.”

Consider 5 types of hydropower Jesus pours out on His followers.

Water into Wine1) Lord of Water 

As the Creator of water and land, Jesus mastered matter to walk on water and turn it into the finest wine.

2) Life Water 

We are born of water in the womb. Jesus brings about a new birth from above that is both of Spirit and water.

3) Liberating Water

The water that poured from the speared side of Jesus purchases the water of baptism opening Heaven.

4) Living Water

Life is sustained not only by H2O for which we will thirst again, but by the living water rendering thirst obsolete.

5) Loving Water

Jesus used a bowl of water to exemplify servanthood and a cup of cold water to express love.

Jesus offers divine refreshment to those who follow Him. Now available is a life freed from unsatisfied desire. The key question is, “How can I find this water?”

LEAP – On two occasions Peter jumped in the water to be with Jesus – once by fear, then by faith. You and I will never encounter the Living Water from a self-deified dry distance.

Walking on Water

DRINK A lame man at the feet of Jesus complained of his untimely immobility to enter the stirring water. He discovered the water did not heal, the One who made water did. The man walked away. Drinking the river of life through continual encounter with the Living Water restores the heart, mind, body & soul.

Water Pour

A PRESCRIPTION – Drink 8 glasses of water today. Your body will thank you. With each glass, recreate Ezra at Jerusalem’s Water Gate reading the Word of God to the Israelites as you focus on the hydropower of Jesus. Imagine your health, spiritual & physical, if you did this for one week let alone a new formed habit.

“Let me have a swig” my Dad use to say. Today we call that a “Big Gulp”. Thirsty people drink deep. If you want to guzzle godly hydropower, you can’t sip Jesus. He does not teach, “Blessed are those who nibble and sip for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Your level of thirst channels the floodgates of Living Water.

Swig Jesus.

by Doug Webster

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